How to Find the Right Commercial Space for Office

Finding the right commercial space for your office can be daunting. 

But it’s worth taking the time to evaluate each option and make an informed decision before you sign a lease. Here are seven factors to consider when selecting a commercial office space for your business.

What is Commercial Office Space?

Commercial office space is a professional workspace that businesses can lease or rent to provide an environment for their employees and customers.

Commercial office space typically includes amenities like utilities, networking equipment, furniture, parking lots, and reception areas. 

It’s also a great option for businesses that are just getting started or looking for more space to grow.

Having a commercial office space comes with many benefits that can help your business grow:

  • It provides a stable and secure environment for your employees to work in, which can improve productivity and morale. 
  • Additionally, an office space allows you to create the perfect environment for client meetings and presentations.
  • Finally, having a physical presence for your business can provide potential customers with more confidence and trust in your brand.

Find the right commercial space for the office

To find the right commercial space, here are the 6 things to consider to find the right commercial space for the office.

Identify Your Needs.

Before you begin looking for commercial space, you must first determine what type of space you require and why. The best way to do this is to write down all of your requirements.

These could include your preferred location, the size of the space required, and local amenities such as public transportation access, parking availability, nearby businesses or restaurants, and more.

Knowing exactly what you need in space makes the process much easier later on.

A Good Location

When deciding on commercial office space for your company, location is essential.

Consider the proximity to public transportation, restaurants, and other businesses that your employees may require, as well as the overall convenience of the location.

It’s also important to think about the bigger picture when deciding where to set up shops, such as potential walk-in customers, building security, and parking.


It is critical to consider how easily accessible your office space will be for both employees and customers.

  • Can people easily get to the office using public transportation, or do they have to travel miles?
  • Is there enough parking available for employees?

If you expect potential clients to visit the office, ensure a safe and secure environment by ensuring proper levels of building security are in place.

Size & Layout

Check that the office space has enough space for your staff and that it can be modified to meet your needs. Consider the layout of the commercial office space and how each area, including conference rooms, offices, break rooms, storage, and other areas may be required.

If you intend to expand your business later on and know you’ll need more space at some point, find out if the location can accommodate that expansion.


One of the most important factors to consider when selecting a commercial office space is the capacity for your current and future staffing needs.

You should select an office space that accommodates not only your current staff size but also any potential future growth.

If you’re unsure, it’s often best to err on the side of caution and choose an office size larger than you need right now to avoid having to relocate soon.

Parking & Security

Another important factor to consider when choosing a commercial office space is the building’s or complex’s parking and security options.

When choosing an office, look for plenty of off-street parking, as this will make it easier for employees and customers to visit your company.

You should also inquire about any security measures put in place to protect your business, such as cameras, secure entry points, emergency contact information, and so on.

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