Office Space Renovations & Interior Designers

The Reality

We live in the times of Gen-Z.  A world that is very particular about workplace environment. Where better to start than your workspace! A conducive working space will make your business boom, will push you to try harder and take matters seriously and handle them swiftly. The office is the face of the business and presentation is key.

Turnkey Solutions
office space renovations

Our Solution

We pride ourselves in our ability to transform workspaces into avenues of work that you would love operating out of. We are one of the leading Turnkey Solution provider in Chennai. We facilitate the smooth and seamless transformation of office spaces from skeletal frameworks to high-functioning, tailor made professional spaces best suited to your taste and needs. Every aspect is intricately thought out to provide the facilities such as workstations, loose furniture, electrical systems, security personnel and safety equipment, climatization control to suit your working conditions and the best fire-safety systems to name a few. RFMS is best-suited for all your Turnkey requirements and there is no looking back once you sign on. Professional office space renovation and interior designers.


  1. Discussing and understanding the client’s requirements.

  2. Brainstorming sessions for value addition and specifics.
  3. Planning & Creating along with our Team of experienced Designers.
  4. Execution of project with the support of industry experts.
  5. Handing over the office fresh to the client exactly as per specifications!

office space renovations
Turnkey Solutions